/Nuage Networks on Oracle Cloud

Nuage Networks on Oracle Cloud

Nuage Networks is a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution that delivers policy-based automation across the network, from user to workload.

Last year we gave some hints about the work we were doing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

After few months of work we announced that Nokia NuageNetworks is certified to run in OCI.

What is NuageNetwork Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS)?

The Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) is the data center and cloud networking framework from NuageNetwork.  It is a SDN overlay that allows you to automate the configuration and management of virtual networks.

The VSC platform is built upon the following components:

Virtualized Services Directory (VSD): A policy, business logic, and analytics engine that supports the abstract definition of network services. Administrators can use RESTful APIs to VSD to define service designs and incorporate enterprise policies.

Virtualized Services Controller (VSC): A control plane for the data center network. VSC maintains a full per-tenant view of network and service topologies. By using network APIs that use interfaces such as OpenFlow, VSC programs the data center network independent of data center networking hardware.

Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS): A virtual endpoint for network services. VRS detects changes in the compute environment as they occur, and it triggers policy-based responses to ensure that applications have the network connectivity that they need.

You can install all components of VCS in Docker containers, hypervisors, VMs or BareMetal servers.

What can you do in OCI?

You can now extend your Datacenter services to the cloud. Gain Layer 2 and Layer 3 access over a secured method providing connectivity from user applications into OCI. Deploy both VRS and VSC in OCI and manage your whole SDN environment from a single pane of glass (VSD).

This is the first time that the Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) is certified to run in a Cloud provider.  It runs on Bare Metal servers.

How can I start playing around?

We’ve published a whitepaper that goes over the deployment process. You will deploy and configure both VSC and VRS in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and connect to your on-prem network. The management plane (VSD) configuration is out of the scope of this paper.

Download the deployment Guide (38 pages)sdn-integration-with-nuage-networks