/DataScienceGO Virtual Conference 2020

DataScienceGO Virtual Conference 2020

DSGO is one of the largest Data Science communities where you can meet with 800+ of the brightest and most innovative minds in Data Science and AI. It’s an awesome place to connect with hundreds of other high achievers.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is one of the main sponsors, and as part of our commitment to the community, we would like to help you in the Data Infrastructure and Data Science journey. With that in mind, we are providing FREE resources, with a special focus in Hands On Labs (HOLs) and Workshops.


Reference Architectures

Hands on Lab

Note: The ‘Speed Up DS with Accelerated Data Science SDK HOL’ is available until Tuesday 23rd June. It supports up to 50 concurrent users, so if you are not able to join try to get back later. Don’t miss the opportunity! It’s a 115min Lab for Beginners.

Oracle Cloud HPC Certification

LIVE Sessions Content Materials

We are running several LIVE sessions in our virtual booth. You can find here the different content delivered:


You can run all the workshops that are shown on this page with the ALWAYS-FREE TIER + $300 Trial.

Last but not least, we are HIRING! If you are passionate about what you do, and you love HPC, ML/AI…please get in touch. We are looking for awesome people! You can connect with OCI HPC Product Management team https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaybasu