/OCI in the new Terraform Registry

OCI in the new Terraform Registry

Hashicorp announced couple of days ago the new Terraform registry. If you are new to Terraform, this is what they called in the past the ‘Module registry’, a place where you could find and share templates to set and deploy your infrastructure.

In these new registry Hashicorp is including Terraform providers and modules. You can find now Oracle Cloud Infrastructure modules at registry.terraform.io

If you want to deploy a module in your infrastructure, find the right module and copy the code from the Provision Instructions into your configuration file. Please check the prerequisites and the required variables before proceeding.

Another way to access the registry is through HTTP API. There are still two sets of modules available in the registry.

  • OPC (Gen1 Cloud- deprecated): curl ‘https://registry.terraform.io/v1/modules/oracle’
  • OCI (Gen2 Cloud): curl ‘https://registry.terraform.io/v1/modules/oracle-terraform-modules’

You can find modules built by partners or people from the community, however those have not been verified (yet) by Hashicorp . For verified modules please ensure they have the following symbol:

At the time of writing this post the latest OCI terraform provider is 3.58.0. More info: https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/oci/3.58.0

Thanks for reading!