/How to add OCI Documentation to different Web Browsers

How to add OCI Documentation to different Web Browsers

Following Alex’s post on how to access OCI documentation directly from Chrome’s search bar I’ve thought that it would be great to add the custom search engine to all the different browsers I have installed in my laptop.

Chrome Browser

Open your Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/searchEngines Go to Search Engines > Default search engines > Add

In the new window introduce the following parameters and click Save:

  • Search engine: docs.cloud.oracle.com
  • Keyword: oci
  • URL: https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Search.htm?q=%s

Your new custom search engine will appear in Other search engines . Let’s make it our default as follows:

And there it goes! Now we have a default search engine pointing to OCI documentation:

Firefox Browser

Open Firefox and enter about:addons in the browser bar. Go to ‘Find more extensions’ and search for add custom search engine. It will open a new tab in the Mozilla Search Add-ons site with the results.

You will see multiple addons available. You can install any of them. In my case I’ve chosen Tom Schuster’s add-on.

Let’s get back to the addons tab. You will now have the “Add custom search engine” enabled. Click on the three dot menu > Options

In the new window let’s configure the custom engine. Enter the following parameters and click Add custom search engine:

  • Name: oci
  • Search URL: https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Search.htm?q=%s
  • Icon (optional): I’ve added Oracle logo

Now that we have configured our custom engine, let’s create a quick keyboard for the search box. Type in the browser about:preferences#search . Scrolling down the page you will see a list of One -click search engines with our new oci search engine. Click in the keyword column and add whatever keyboard you want to search in the website.

And we are done! Test your new search engine. I will look for the term ‘network’ in OCI documentation:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a different approach meaning that you will not be able to add OCI documentation as a custom search engine. It’s supposed that Microsoft edge allows you to add the websites to the search engine when you visit them. However their search engine looks for known engines like Google, Duckduckgo, etc. Let’s check it by navigating to OCI documentation website. Type https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Search.htm?q=%s in your browser

After navigating in OCI documentation go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Address bar search > Change search provider

You will see a list of Search engines that Microsoft Edge discovered. Unfortunately our OCI website did not appear. But why? Edge uses a feature called Auto-discovery which informs the browser of a search engine that supports the Open Search Technology. I will need to investigate further….

What about other browsers like Safari?

I need to borrow a MAC laptop and update this post 😉

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading.